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Community Support Services

The Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre (EORC) is a non-profit organization offering social and community services to older adults and adults with physical disabilities residing in Blackburn Hamlet, Beacon Hill, Carlsbad Springs, Gloucester South, Orleans, Cumberland, Navan, Vars, and Sarsfield.

The EORC is committed to supporting older adults and adults with a physical disability live independent, active, and meaningful lives in their community.

Most recent recommendations from Ottawa Public Health encourage staying at home and physical distancing, emphasizing the importance for seniors and those at increased risk. There are many organizations poised to support seniors during this time of isolation.


Staying home may be harder than it sounds. Regular errands and groceries are discouraged unless absolutely necessary.

The EORC been supporting seniors in our community since 1979. We continue that support with services help you stay in your home during this time. Whether you need help accessing your medications, food, additional resources, or transportation to essential medical appointments. Our team is here to help. Contact the EORC at 613-741-6025 ext: 300 or see our services below.


Social isolation and loneliness are a real likelihood. Consider, telephone calls with friends and family instead of visits. Explore our Friendly Visiting program and our NEW Seniors Centre Without Walls teleconference program. Contact the EORC at 613-714-6025 ext: 300 or see our services below.

For more info on our Community Support Services policies related to Service Interruption, Privacy & Confidentiality, and Fees & Payments please Click Here.

Many of our services are now available for current clients to order securely on-line.

Click on the button below to find out which ones.

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  • Transportation

    Offering transportation to essential services. Priority is given to requests for transportation for medical appointments.

    Fees for urban/suburban:
    1-10 km: $ 11
    11-30 km: $ 16
    31-50 km: $ 21
    51-70 km: $ 31
    71-90 km: $ 41
    91+km: $ .50/km

    Fees rural postal codes (K4A, K4B,K4C, KOA):
    1km-30km: $ 10
    31km+: $18

    Please call to register and once registered, please call 7 days prior to the appointment to request transportation.

    Current clients can place an order for a ride online by clicking here.

  • Meals On Wheels

    Hot Meals: (Suspended due to COVID-19) Full course meals, ready to eat! Delivery available Monday through Friday. $7.25 per meal.

    Frozen Meals Regular (Apetito): Soups $3.25ea., Entrées $6.75ea., Dessert $3.25ea. 5 entrées + 5 soups or 5 desserts $43.75. 7 Entrées $43.75. Ordering and delivery available weekly.

    Make a request for Apetito Meals On Wheels online by clicking here.

    Frozen Meals Gourmet (TimeSaver Foods): Soup $5.75ea., Entrée $8.00ea. Ordering and delivery available weekly.

    Make a request for TimeSaver Meals On Wheels online by clicking here.

  • Adult Day Program

    Therapeutic, social and recreational programming in a group setting for frail, isolated or cognitively impaired older adults and respite time for their caregivers/care partners.

    Participation: $21.50
    Transportation: 1-30km $11 / 31-70+km: $21

    Due to COVID 19, the Adult Day Program is suspended until further notice.

    Some caregivers may feel the added stress of providing round the clock care or conversely some may not be able to support their loved ones due to physical distancing measures. We continue to offer telephone support and additional online programing for loved ones. Please call Adult Day Program staff at (613) 741-6025 for more information.

  • Foot Care

    Services are provided by a Registered Practical Nurse and include: an assessment, thorough cleaning, nail trimming, filing or advanced foot care based on your assessment.

    Foot Care 1st Appointment $ 53.00, Foot Care in home: $ 53.00, Foot Care in clinic: $ 28.00

    Foot Care - Advanced: Please call for more information

    Please call to book an in-home appointment or request one of the following locations: Orleans (1515 Tenth Line Rd., 867 Hiawatha Park Rd. 6419 Lumberman Way), Gloucester (1345 Ogilvie Rd.), Cumberland (2564 Market St.), Blackburn (2412 Cleroux Rd.,) or Sarsfield (2980 Colonial Rd)

    Due to COVID 19, Foot Care services are suspended until further notice.

    Should you require immediate attention for a serious foot care matter please contact your family physician.

    "Foot Care, a step in the right direction!"
  • Grocery and Prescription Delivery
    Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre Community Support Services

    Grocery Bus: (suspended due to COVID-19)

    Offering transportation, delivery and accompaniment to and from local grocery stores.

    Transportation: 1-30km $11

    Services available in Gloucester, Blackburn, Orleans/Cumberland and Gloucester South, Vars, and Carlsbad Springs.

    During COVID-19 the EORC is offering:

    FREE Grocery Hampers: In collaboration with the Gloucester Emergency Food Cupboard and the Orleans Cumberland Community Resource Centre, the EORC is offering food hampers at no charge to clients who cannot complete their grocery orders themselves, who require financial assistance, and/or do not currently have access to their funds due to the COVID 19 pandemic.  Delivery on Tuesdays and Fridays for residents of Orleans and Ottawa’s rural east, and Wednesdays and Fridays for all other residents living in EORC’s catchment area.

    FREE Grocery & Prescription Delivery: The EORC is currently offering FREE assistance, placing online grocery orders and offering delivery of groceries and prescriptions. Please have your grocery list ready before calling and/or ensure your prescriptions are ready for pick-up.
  • Home Maintenance & Home Help
    Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre Community Support Services

    A service that provides access to safe, reliable workers for housecleaning and maintenance. Ensure that you live in a clean, safe home environment.

    Home Help services include light housekeeping and cleaning. Home maintenance services may include, yard/garden maintenance, spring and fall clean-up, heavy cleaning, odd jobs and/or light carpentry.

    Call us if you or someone you know could use some help around the house.

  • Friendly Visiting & Telephone Assurance

    Friendly Visiting: (telephone)
    Share activities, interests, or stories with an individually matched volunteer. Contact us if you or someone you know would benefit from the companionship and support of a Friendly Visitor.

    Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre Community Support Services Telephone assurance: provides an ongoing link to volunteers for daily or weekly security checks (Monday to Friday). If you or someone you know would benefit from a regular check-in please call us for more information or to register.

    A Friendly Voice: Is a telephone friendly visiting line for seniors. Every day of the year, trained volunteers are available to receive calls. A Friendly Voice is not a counselling service, distress or crisis line nor emergency service. To connect with a Friendly Voice call 613-692-9992.

    “Like exercise and diet, an active social life seems to help us stay healthier and happier longer.”

    Community Support Services Worker, EORC

  • Seniors Centre Without Walls

    Provides the opportunity for participants to join in on health and wellness seminars, educational lectures, brain-stimulating activities, listen to live musical entertainment, join in on general conversations – all from the comfort of home! Programs are multi-person phone conversations (or conference calls). No special equipment needed – just your average phone!

    Call 613-741-6025 ext. 325 for more information or check out our calendar of activities. Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre Community Support Services

  • Cycling without age
    Due to COVID 19, the Cycling Without Age program is suspended until further notice.

  • Caregiver Support

    Caregiving for a spouse, parent, relative, or friend?

    Individual and/or group support, education, counselling and referrals offered at no cost to caregivers caring for older loved ones.

  • Respite Care
    Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre Community Support Services

    Providing caregivers / care partners a period of rest or relief.

    Services may include companionship, overnight companionship, and attending to a client’s personal care needs.

  • Going Home

    The Going Home Program is a community-based service designed to help seniors and physically disabled adults return home safely following a hospital stay.

    It provides a free support service for clients during their return home. Clients must be referred by the CCAC prior to discharge from hospital.

  • Fitness & Wellness
    Due to COVID 19, the EORC’s Fitness and Wellness programs are suspended until further notice.

    It’s important to stay active. The benefits of regular activity reduce the risk of falls, boost mood as well as increasing brain Function. Our free exercise programs are now available online. For more information or to register contact Grace at Family Physiotherapy Centres at gkowalczyk@familyphysio.com or call 613-796-4729.

    Fitness and wellness programs include exercise, fall prevention and light yoga stretching.

    Don’t underestimate the benefit of exercise on your physical and mental wellbeing! Benefits include reducing the risk of falls and injury, boosting mood and maintaining a healthy body as well as increasing brain function. The key is finding an activity that suits ones’ mobility and goals.

    Participation - General Fitness: Free
    Participation - Light Yoga Stretch: 10 sessions for $50 or Drop-in for $7.50
    Transportation: 1-30km $11 / 31-70+km: $21

    “As a caregiver, I really look forward to my weekly yoga class…this hour of stretching and relaxation in a very supportive environment not only relaxes the mind but all of my muscles”

    L. Lamadeleine, Community Support Services Client

  • Snow Go/Snow Go Assist

    Need a helping hand with snow removal? Call us at 613-741-6025

    Referrals to screened contractors to clear snow from private driveways and walkways. Subsidies may be available to low income individuals pending a financial assessment.

  • Crisis Intervention and Support

    Don’t know where to turn?

    The service provides intervention and support in critical situations until the situation is stabilized and a follow-up plan is in place.

    Offering support during a crisis such as homelessness, a critical change in life situation, abuse, isolation, etc.

    “All too often we see people waiting until they are in crisis to piece together supports. Know where to turn, just in case. The last thing anyone wants in a crisis is more stress.”

    Community Support Worker, EORC

CLICK HERE for a full printable list of Community Support Services


The EORC works collaboratively with other organizations and government programs to provide access to a range of services supporting older adults:

EASTERN OTTAWA HEALTH LINK: 613-746-4621 ext. 6413



DIABETES WORKSHOPS Call: 613-233-4444

PRIMARY CARE OUTREACH Call: 1-844-726-5115



The Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre is a proud partners of the Orléans Health Hub

To remain informed on developments related to the Orléans Health Hub, please Click here .

We are a health Service Provider (HSP) funded by the Champlain Local Health Integration Network (LHIN). Click here to review a duly signed copy of our Multi Sector Service Accountability Agreement.

If you live outside of Blackburn Hamlet, Beacon Hill, Carlsbad Springs, Gloucester South, Orleans, Cumberland, Navan, Vars, and Sarsfield, please use Caredove to find the nearest provider of community support services.